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  • What is IPC Pricing?
  • What does IPC stand for?
  • How many bonus impressions can be earned?
  • Do bonus impressions earn bonus impressions?
  • When do bonus impressions get served?
  • Where do bonus impressions run?
  • Why do publishers offer IPC pricing?

A rewards program for advertisers that lowers their effective cost based on the performance of their creative.

Impressions per Connection. Each time an ad records a connection with a user, the advertiser earns bonus impressions.

The total depends on the performance of the creative but there is a maximum in place for each campaign.

No, but they do deliver bonus clicks/connections lowering the advertiser's eCPC.

Bonus impressions start serving after 25% of the paid campaign has been completed.

All earned bonus impressions appear on a run of site basis and our system will identify the best performing piece of creative to allocate these bonus impressions.

*All paid ad impressions can contribute to bonus impressions earned but only non rich media versions of these standard IAB ad units are eligible to receive bonus impression allocations; LB (728x90), Med Rec (300x250) or Skyscraper (160x600).

IPC pricing creates a more valuable experience for their advertisers and audience by empowering users to increase the exposure of better ads.